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So, you have the idea that you want a garden- you want to grow your own veggies and know what’s in them. The problem is, you just can’t find time in your schedule to have a garden. Maybe you tried last year, but the weeds got out of control. Everything dried up when you left for vacation. Forgot to turn on the hose. Maybe time just got away from you, and before you knew it- things in the garden were dismal- so you threw in the towel. Maybe you really want a garden, but just don’t know where to begin. This is where we come in…


First, we set up an initial meeting with you to determine the produce you are interested in growing. We have an extensive catalog to flip through that offers the usual variety, as well as some unusual! We will also determine the size farm you want, and where it will be placed on your property.

A team of farmers will come to the location to install your farm- bringing in loads of nutrient rich dirt.  After your beds are set-up, your farmers will plant your crop, install the drip irrigation system and lay down any necessary mulch pathways. Finally, the watering system timer is programmed, and it all begins…
Then follows weekly visits from your farmer to ensure plants are thriving.  There is no better value than an experienced eye to help your garden flourish.  Your farmer will:
Succession plant
Check irrigation system
Eliminate debris
Clip plants to promote growth
Address issues (pests, critters, root rot, disease, etc.)
*During this time you are welcome to watch, ask questions, help, and learn as much about the process as you wish.

The reward!! A basket of your veggies and/or fruits will be left at your door each week. We will also leave a seasonal recipe of the week that correlates with the fresh produce from your crop.  It just doesn’t get much better than this!!


We have 3 memberships available:
• Private Crop Member- Where what you see is what you get. Your entire bounty is all yours!  This is a great membership for those who enjoy canning their own sauces, salsa, pastes, and freezing veggies for winter.

• Crop Share Member- We share your crop with your neighbors, local farmers markets and local, independent green café’s/ restaurants. How cool is it that you are involved in producing for your community! This membership is discounted.

• Cropless Member- For those people who wish to have fresh, local produce- but have no yard or sunlight in which to grow it. These members will receive a basket each week with produce provided from Crop Share Members in their area

Additonal Options…


We plant and prune dwarf or semi dwarf fruit trees for a great harvest – without the tree growing too tall to maintain.



We have a beekeeper on hand!  Whether you want to learn about them or how to take care of them- we can help you… we can install bees and teach you hive maintenance practices for your future honey harvest goals!